Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Export-Import Bank is What, Exactly?

Here is a good explanation of what the Export-Import Bank is and does. I’ve heard that name recently in the context of, shall we say, “what obscure and historically boring but very, very important part of the federal government does the Tea Party want to destroy next” stories, and was glad to come across this article. […]

Detroit Water Torture

Hundreds of demonstrators marched through Detroit this weekend to protest the city’s crackdown on delinquent water customers. Thousands of families are having their water shut off because they (or sometimes previous tenants) did not pay water bills. According to the New York Times the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department claimed that in March about half of their […]

The Super PAC to Kill All Super PACs

MAYDAY! Money has destroyed democracy in America. Super PACs allow oligarchs and plutocrats (not sure on the distinction here but I know they both real bad) to contribute millions and millions of dollars to political campaigns, essentially turning our democracy into a giant auction. A Yankee Swap I could understand, but this is outrageous. These […]

SWAT Corp!

SWAT teams becoming private corporations. Private corporations that don’t have to explain themselves. Private corporations that the taxpayer (that’s us) pay for, even when they blow up our shit! Thanks to THE YOUNG TURKS for noticing this remarkably disturbing trend in above-the-law enforcement.