Monthly Archives: January 2017

No #Puzder for Labor Dept.

Opposed to the minimum wage, violating workplace standards, opposed to breaks and overtime pay, and, oh yeah! Still believes in trickle down economics.


So Long Dodd-Frank

Yesterday Trump began the assault on financial regulation

Ban the Protest

Minnesota is considering a law that would allow municipalities the right to sue protestors to recover expenses incurred by policing the protests.

Executive Order!

Well, hope you enjoyed your clean air and water, you disgusting communists! What, you want to eat less toxic peanut butter?! Sad! The dismantling of the regulatory state begins. Remember how, oh, like, three weeks ago Obama was history’s worst tyrannical monster because he issued all those EXECUTIVE ORDERS? Trump has ordered that for every […]


The poor little White House (Not good! #Sad!) released a statement today complaining that the Democrats are blocking more nominations than they did in the past. It’s just not fair! Maybe the first good headline in what feels like years. From “Obstructionism Not Faced By Previous Presidents” Really? I wonder why… Not a single […]

Net Neutrality

It doesn’t take much imagination to believe that the future of a free and open internet will be in jeopardy under Trump. This would be bad for our society at any point, but will be a real crisis if anyone is hoping to get an effective resistance off the ground. Corporate governance is not well […]

Everybody Loves Charts

The Economic Policy Institute has released some interesting charts of wages, wage inequality, the recovery, etc. I am always telling people about this travesty: What more do you need to know? This is why you are poor.

The Republican Agenda

I think one of the most important things to remember, and to focus on as a resistance tactic, is that Donald Trump is not going to be some kind of bulwark against the Republican agenda. That agenda is to make working class Americans dumber, poorer, sicker and less safe. Dumber by dismembering public education and […]


The fledgling Trump administration has withdrawn the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a so-called trade deal that was kind of hobbling along on the brink of death, anyway. Though Obama spent all last year and most of his major-policy effort stumping for the TPP it never really looked like it would have overwhelming support […]

A Quick Rundown

A Fascist has assumed the highest office of the Republic. Not good. Bad. Bigly. Despite promises to #draintheswamp the Fascist has stocked his nomination cabinet with insiders and corporatists and, in one exciting example, a guy who has been involved in lawsuits against the agency he has been nominated to lead. #Pruitt Luckily, the guy […]