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Modern Monetary Theory Explained on Majority Report Podcast

Economics professor Stephanie Kelton discusses Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) on this episode of the Majority Report. Kelton explains why the world didn’t explode moments  after leaving the gold standard, and why we need to update the way we think about money in a post-gold economic system. Kelton explains that when the government spends money on something (like a […]

Stephen Mnuchin Confirmed for Treasury

Herr Trump’s nomination of Stephen Mnuchin, the godfather of the foreclosure crisis, may have come as something of a shock to some, way way back six weeks ago when people were still talking about #draintheswamp. Remember that bullshit?

Coal v. Free Market

For all the GOP bluster about how great the so-called “free market” is, they may be somewhat disappointed to learn that it does not consider coal the energy of the future. ThinkProgress has an interesting piece on this, which, sadly, most of us already kind of knew. Yep! Sorry, folks, cheap natural gas and renewables […]