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Puzder’s America

JoAnn Wise worked for Andrew Puzder’s Hardee’s restaurant for 20 years. She explains her position in the Washington Post on his nomination to lead the Labor Department. Quick summary: if you work somewhere for 20+ years, your raise over that time, adjusted for inflation, should be more than 2 cents per hour. Advertisements

Sanders/Cruz Healthcare Debate

“Old man seeking healthcare for millions disrupts attorney Eddie Munster’s Sermon.”

Economic Policy Institute Petition

EPI has a petition up to demand that Trump & Co. not revoke a series of Obama-era worker protections

NYT on #NetNeutrality

Here’s another story from the New York Times on the new FCC chairman making moves to dismantle net neutrality.  It seems weird that a former Verizon lawyer would not have the American consumer’s best interest at heart. Weird.

Trump Begins Dismantling Financial Regulation

Poor, poor Wall Street, barely able to eke out record profits under these Draconian regulations.


Here is a good rundown of why Hardee’s CEO Andrew Puzder is a horrendous choice to run the Department of Labor. He has built his company by exploiting workers. DOL is supposed to be an advocate for workers, not a thinktake for corporate malfeasance. 

No #Puzder for Labor Dept.

Opposed to the minimum wage, violating workplace standards, opposed to breaks and overtime pay, and, oh yeah! Still believes in trickle down economics.

Executive Order!

Well, hope you enjoyed your clean air and water, you disgusting communists! What, you want to eat less toxic peanut butter?! Sad! The dismantling of the regulatory state begins. Remember how, oh, like, three weeks ago Obama was history’s worst tyrannical monster because he issued all those EXECUTIVE ORDERS? Trump has ordered that for every […]


The poor little White House (Not good! #Sad!) released a statement today complaining that the Democrats are blocking more nominations than they did in the past. It’s just not fair! Maybe the first good headline in what feels like years. From “Obstructionism Not Faced By Previous Presidents” Really? I wonder why… Not a single […]

Net Neutrality

It doesn’t take much imagination to believe that the future of a free and open internet will be in jeopardy under Trump. This would be bad for our society at any point, but will be a real crisis if anyone is hoping to get an effective resistance off the ground. Corporate governance is not well […]