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Honestly, You Have to be Impressed

In a recent article in Current Affairs called “Why Republicans are Impressive” Michael Kinnucan explains the Republican strategy and how they are able to win elections despite–and because of–extreme positions. He is absolutely right. It is impressive. It is also terrifying that this strategy has worked so well, but we should all be impressed.


The Republican Agenda

I think one of the most important things to remember, and to focus on as a resistance tactic, is that Donald Trump is not going to be some kind of bulwark against the Republican agenda. That agenda is to make working class Americans dumber, poorer, sicker and less safe. Dumber by dismembering public education and […]

A Quick Rundown

A Fascist has assumed the highest office of the Republic. Not good. Bad. Bigly. Despite promises to #draintheswamp the Fascist has stocked his nomination cabinet with insiders and corporatists and, in one exciting example, a guy who has been involved in lawsuits against the agency he has been nominated to lead. #Pruitt Luckily, the guy […]


A victory such as this deserves a noble #inauguration Hope this isn’t the last time we laugh.


Q: Where the hell have you been? A: Around. Writing other stuff. Publishing a book. Changing careers, working on my car, eating some meals, shoveling snow–you know, the usual. Q: Anything you’ve been neglecting? A: No, not that I can think of. Q: Nothing at all? Nothing blog-related? A: Oh. Right. I did completely neglect […]


As some of you may be aware, at least those of you with televisions, radios, or ears, or eyes, there was a $4 billion midterm election yesterday. “$4 billion” means that a very few people with tons of money bought tons of TV commercials. “Midterm” means that in terms of national offices up for election […]


Kind of a must-read, kiddies… Definitely a should-read.


The Super PAC to Kill All Super PACs

MAYDAY! Money has destroyed democracy in America. Super PACs allow oligarchs and plutocrats (not sure on the distinction here but I know they both real bad) to contribute millions and millions of dollars to political campaigns, essentially turning our democracy into a giant auction. A Yankee Swap I could understand, but this is outrageous. These […]