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Puzder’s America

JoAnn Wise worked for Andrew Puzder’s Hardee’s restaurant for 20 years. She explains her position in the Washington Post on his nomination to lead the Labor Department. Quick summary: if you work somewhere for 20+ years, your raise over that time, adjusted for inflation, should be more than 2 cents per hour. Advertisements

Economic Policy Institute Petition

EPI has a petition up to demand that Trump & Co. not revoke a series of Obama-era worker protections

Oops! #Puzder Employed Undocumented Immigrant

Ryan Grim at Huffington Post reports that Andrew Puzder, Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of Labor, hired an immigrant who was not eligible to work legally in this country to work in his home. Puzder has admitted to this.

#ACA Repeal Will Cost Many Jobs

The conservative agenda is to make America sicker, dumber, poorer, and less safe.


Here is a good rundown of why Hardee’s CEO Andrew Puzder is a horrendous choice to run the Department of Labor. He has built his company by exploiting workers. DOL is supposed to be an advocate for workers, not a thinktake for corporate malfeasance. 

No #Puzder for Labor Dept.

Opposed to the minimum wage, violating workplace standards, opposed to breaks and overtime pay, and, oh yeah! Still believes in trickle down economics.

Everybody Loves Charts

The Economic Policy Institute has released some interesting charts of wages, wage inequality, the recovery, etc. I am always telling people about this travesty: What more do you need to know? This is why you are poor.

Wages and Productivity (Labor Day Reading)

Why wages have risen a paltry 8% and productivity a staggering 63% in the past 50 years.


The recent jobs report showed the US economy added many more jobs than expected, and this has helped to push 2014 all the way up to Best Jobs Year since 1999. And gas prices are way down. And we’re down to about 1.5 continuous wars, so things could be looking up.


And here we have a very unsurprising ruling from the United States Supreme Court. does not have to pay its employees for the time they spend waiting to be searched for stolen items when they leave work. The unanimous ruling claims that workers are not performing “integral and indispensable” duties while they are waiting […]