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Stephen Mnuchin Confirmed for Treasury

Herr Trump’s nomination of Stephen Mnuchin, the godfather of the foreclosure crisis, may have come as something of a shock to some, way way back six weeks ago when people were still talking about #draintheswamp. Remember that bullshit?


ProPublica Explains Deutsche Bank explains the relationship between the maligned German bank and so-called President Trump. Not only does he owe the bank hundreds of millions of dollars but he is now in charge of the regulators tasked with investigating Deutsche Bank.

Financial Reform

Trump signed another fun executive order! Remember that law that said it was illegal for your financial advisor to give you advice that was contrary to your best interests?

Trump Begins Dismantling Financial Regulation

Poor, poor Wall Street, barely able to eke out record profits under these Draconian regulations.

So Long Dodd-Frank

Yesterday Trump began the assault on financial regulation


Following the release of secret recordings made by Carmen Segarra, the Federal Reserve regulator posted to Goldman Sachs who was fired for doing her job, Senator Elizabeth Warren has called on Congress to hold hearings to investigate. Go sign the petition.


China has been proposing a new World Bank-ish organization to several Asian neighbors, offering even to put up much of the $50 billion to get the thing going. China wants to have a controlling stake in a large financial instrument that can quickly fund infrastructure projects in neighboring countries. The new bank would, I assume, […]


Here is a pretty good analysis of the ongoing Segarra Affair. In this article is mentioned some more details about her firing from the Fed, and, you know, some collusion-y regulator stuff with Goldman Sachs.

Carmen Segarra, Snowden of Finance

The recent revelation of secret recordings made by a Federal Reserve bank regulator named Carmen Segarra has now qualified as real news. Not only was there a special episode of This American Life produced in conjunction with ProPublica, but now there is a discussion actually starting to happen. There is also a good article in […]

An Inside Listen at How the Fed “Regulates” Big Banks

This American Life and ProPublica present a special episode which documents the experiences (and secret recordings!) of Carmen Segarra, a Fed regulator assigned to Goldman Sachs. Spoiler alert: The Fed sometimes does a laughably terrible job regulating big banks. Publication of the recordings has caused Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) […]