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Stephen Mnuchin Confirmed for Treasury

Herr Trump’s nomination of Stephen Mnuchin, the godfather of the foreclosure crisis, may have come as something of a shock to some, way way back six weeks ago when people were still talking about #draintheswamp. Remember that bullshit?


Sanders/Cruz Healthcare Debate

“Old man seeking healthcare for millions disrupts attorney Eddie Munster’s Sermon.”

NYT on #NetNeutrality

Here’s another story from the New York Times on the new FCC chairman making moves to dismantle net neutrality.  It seems weird that a former Verizon lawyer would not have the American consumer’s best interest at heart. Weird.

FCC Ends Subsidized Internet for the Poor

The Washington Post reports that the FCC has begun to dismantle a federal program that offers a subsidy to poor people for broadband internet service.

Paul Ryan, Ready and Willing

What better distraction could Ryan ask for than an unhinged maniac who gets his policy ideas from a white supremacist?

So Long Dodd-Frank

Yesterday Trump began the assault on financial regulation

Gawker interviews Stiglitz 

“We’ve reached a level of inequality where it’s unambiguously clear to me and to most observers that it’s interfering with our economic performance.”

Backpacks Full of Food? For Hungry Children???

A teacher in New Mexico has organized an effort to send food home with hungry children. Apparently, widespread chronic hunger is a significant problem. Does Paul Ryan know about this? Are these new liberal government backpacks or the kids’ own brown paper backpacks?