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Puzder’s America

JoAnn Wise worked for Andrew Puzder’s Hardee’s restaurant for 20 years. She explains her position in the Washington Post on his nomination to lead the Labor Department. Quick summary: if you work somewhere for 20+ years, your raise over that time, adjusted for inflation, should be more than 2 cents per hour. Advertisements

Economic Policy Institute Petition

EPI has a petition up to demand that Trump & Co. not revoke a series of Obama-era worker protections

Oops! #Puzder Employed Undocumented Immigrant

Ryan Grim at Huffington Post reports that Andrew Puzder, Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of Labor, hired an immigrant who was not eligible to work legally in this country to work in his home. Puzder has admitted to this.

Wages and Productivity (Labor Day Reading)

Why wages have risen a paltry 8% and productivity a staggering 63% in the past 50 years.

A Corporation does some reading, raises its minimum wage to $16/hr

No, seriously. This actually happened in America.

The Worst Argument Against Raising the Minimum Wage is…

Some doofus thinks low wages are inspirational and we should all be really glad because, uh, motivation!


As some of you may be aware, at least those of you with televisions, radios, or ears, or eyes, there was a $4 billion midterm election yesterday. “$4 billion” means that a very few people with tons of money bought tons of TV commercials. “Midterm” means that in terms of national offices up for election […]


Sadly, he’s kind of right. Parents do not want a higher minimum wage for their children. They want it for themselves.

IKEA to Raise Wages in USA

IKEA says it will raise its average minimum wage to $10.76/hour, which is a 17% increase. IKEA has 38 stores in the US and will be setting a minimum wage for each of those stores based on cost-of-living in the area around each store. Ikea is another business realizing it gets better work out of […]

Massachusetts Raises Minimum Wage, dude!

Thursday brought the announcement that Massachusetts will be raising the state’s minimum wage to $11/hour by 2017, which would make it the highest state-mandated minimum wage in the country. I don’t remember much about the Governor’s call to raise the wage in his state of the state address in January, but the press release says […]