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Stephen Mnuchin Confirmed for Treasury

Herr Trump’s nomination of Stephen Mnuchin, the godfather of the foreclosure crisis, may have come as something of a shock to some, way way back six weeks ago when people were still talking about #draintheswamp. Remember that bullshit?



The poor little White House (Not good! #Sad!) released a statement today complaining that the Democrats are blocking more nominations than they did in the past. It’s just not fair! Maybe the first good headline in what feels like years. From “Obstructionism Not Faced By Previous Presidents” Really? I wonder why… Not a single […]


The fledgling Trump administration has withdrawn the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a so-called trade deal that was kind of hobbling along on the brink of death, anyway. Though Obama spent all last year and most of his major-policy effort stumping for the TPP it never really looked like it would have overwhelming support […]

A Quick Rundown

A Fascist has assumed the highest office of the Republic. Not good. Bad. Bigly. Despite promises to #draintheswamp the Fascist has stocked his nomination cabinet with insiders and corporatists and, in one exciting example, a guy who has been involved in lawsuits against the agency he has been nominated to lead. #Pruitt Luckily, the guy […]


A victory such as this deserves a noble #inauguration Hope this isn’t the last time we laugh.


Q: Where the hell have you been? A: Around. Writing other stuff. Publishing a book. Changing careers, working on my car, eating some meals, shoveling snow–you know, the usual. Q: Anything you’ve been neglecting? A: No, not that I can think of. Q: Nothing at all? Nothing blog-related? A: Oh. Right. I did completely neglect […]

Krugman on G.O.P. Idiocy

Er, wait… I mean strategy. “Crank economics, crank science, crank foreign policy are all necessary parts of a candidate‚Äôs resume.”


Jean Tirole was awarded the Nobel Prize in the field of economics. He is considered the foremost voice on what happens when a few firms control entire industries. This creates “socially undesirable” conditions, such as non-competitive markets, price-fixing, and a lack of innovation. This is the guy who first studied and explained “too big to […]

Sunday News Patrol – June 1, 2014

Turns out the predatory business structure commonly known as the Ponzi scheme is ubiquitous and difficult to regulate. A Ponzi scheme is simply using new revenue from new investors to pay old investors so it looks like they are earning returns on their investment. One must grow the pool of new investors exponentially in order […]


Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) hosted a panel to discuss single payer healthcare – the most sensible way to fix our broken and corrupt health-care system. NYT document dump of the government surveillance of Occupy. We all knew this was happening, so is it news? Speaking of documents – there’s a secret trade agreement (TTIP, or […]