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Coal v. Free Market

For all the GOP bluster about how great the so-called “free market” is, they may be somewhat disappointed to learn that it does not consider coal the energy of the future. ThinkProgress has an interesting piece on this, which, sadly, most of us already kind of knew. Yep! Sorry, folks, cheap natural gas and renewables […]


A judge just ruled that the shutoffs can continue because poor people don’t have a right to water. The United Nations publicly disagrees. You can read the whole article from HERE.

Detroit Water Torture

Hundreds of demonstrators¬†marched through Detroit this weekend to protest the city’s crackdown on delinquent water customers. Thousands of families are having their water shut off because they (or sometimes previous tenants) did not pay water bills. According to the New York Times the¬†Detroit Water and Sewerage Department claimed that in March about half of their […]