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NYT on #NetNeutrality

Here’s another story from the New York Times on the new FCC chairman making moves to dismantle net neutrality.  It seems weird that a former Verizon lawyer would not have the American consumer’s best interest at heart. Weird. Advertisements

FCC Ends Subsidized Internet for the Poor

The Washington Post reports that the FCC has begun to dismantle a federal program that offers a subsidy to poor people for broadband internet service.

Net Neutrality

It doesn’t take much imagination to believe that the future of a free and open internet will be in jeopardy under Trump. This would be bad for our society at any point, but will be a real crisis if anyone is hoping to get an effective resistance off the ground. Corporate governance is not well […]


There may not be an obvious connection between total surveillance and the economic justice issues I try to explain (and proclaim!) in these pages, but it’s there, my friends. I’m not doing anything wrong, so why should I care if the gubmint watches me?

United States Supreme Co. Inc., – Aereo Update (Death to Aereo)

In an unstunning (I called it!) development this week the United States Supreme Court ruled in ABC v. Aereo that Aereo’s antenna-based television streaming service violated copyright protections. This has effectively shut down the company, which, it seems, no one uses but many people are sympathetic to. Here is a letter from Aereo, which is now […]