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I don’t care who he is, because the Republican Party stole a Supreme Court appointment from President Obama. Democrats need to block every single nominee. Not just Gorsuch but all of them. Force Mitch McConnell to eliminate the filibuster.


United States Supreme Co. Inc., – Aereo Update (Death to Aereo)

In an unstunning (I called it!) development this week the United States Supreme Court ruled in ABC v. Aereo that Aereo’s antenna-based television streaming service violated copyright protections. This has effectively shut down the company, which, it seems, no one uses but many people are sympathetic to. Here is a letter from Aereo, which is now […]

United States Supreme Co., Inc.

The news media seem to always be surprised by the decisions handed down by the Roberts court. One can’t help but recall the TV reporters gasping that the Affordable Care Act had been deemed unconstitutional, only to hastily correct themselves when they bothered to turn to  page 2, then 3, and so on into absurdity. […]