Ryan Grim at Huffington Post reports that Andrew Puzder, Trump’s nominee to be Secretary of Labor, hired an immigrant who was not eligible to work legally in this country to work in his home. Puzder has admitted to this.


The Washington Post reports that the FCC has begun to dismantle a federal program that offers a subsidy to poor people for broadband internet service.

#PresidentBannon is on the cover of TIME Magazine: Everyone needs to buy a copy. Two copies. Three copies. When #SoCalledPresidentTrump sees that #Bannon outsold him he just might fire him. Worth a try, right?

In a recent article in Current Affairs called “Why Republicans are Impressive” Michael Kinnucan explains the Republican strategy and how they are able to win elections despite–and because of–extreme positions. He is absolutely right. It is impressive. It is also terrifying that this strategy has worked so well, but we should all be impressed.

After Trump’s election people were suddenly interested in It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis.

Poor, poor Wall Street, barely able to eke out record profits under these Draconian regulations.

What better distraction could Ryan ask for than an unhinged maniac who gets his policy ideas from a white supremacist?

The conservative agenda is to make America sicker, dumber, poorer, and less safe.

Here is a good rundown of why Hardee’s CEO Andrew Puzder is a horrendous choice to run the Department of Labor. He has built his company by exploiting workers. DOL is supposed to be an advocate for workers, not a thinktake for corporate malfeasance. 

I don’t care who he is, because the Republican Party stole a Supreme Court appointment from President Obama. Democrats need to block every single nominee. Not just Gorsuch but all of them. Force Mitch McConnell to eliminate the filibuster.